The language of the page originally Hungarian and the translation is under process.  2006.03.27.
Daguerreotype "formula"



owner, inventory No.

description of the picture,


man, woman, child, group, copy, landscape
coloured (transparent or/and cover paint) all picture,
skin only
eyes: sharp or not

photographer or atelier

theme, or model name
making date

positon of the theme

Left/right side of the original on the picture: reversed
position or normal
it can visible by: fastening, sword position, letters or...

installation (case, frame, etc.) type, description

Middle-European, West-European or French, Early or
German, Anglo-American, other, later type (repacked
after the dag age), nothing
condition: dirty, missing parts, preserver function damaged because ...
glass plate:  missing, broken, decomposited.
Description: passepartout window form, decoration,
elements, material, colour

signature, other text(s) anywhere on the object place, description

plate size and thickness (in mm-s)

.. mm x .. mm

size name (eg: sixth plate)

thickness: 0.5 mm

hallmark, place, size, description

  M 40 30 20

description of the plate

oxidation form: frame type and average wide in mm,
spottish, copper mat caused,
decomposited glass plate caused, wrong material
caused (eg. contact with a paper
which made deterioration, other,
Surface: intact, scratched, dirty
direction of the polishing if it visible:
corners: cut, bowl
edges: bowl back, irregular


Sealing, change deteriorating materials of the installation, new glass plate (instead of original, under the original). mechanical cleaning of plate, glass
plate, other, new back glass/cardboard, new distance holders between glass plate and silvered face of the plate, etc.

1. Record date

2. conservation

3. literature

4. notes


2. when, who